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Google's Identity Infrastructure is messed up and no one is talking

OK, I've talked to several people about this now and everyone is feeling the pain. 2007 means no more free ride for Google. No, they're not evil....they've just seriously messed up their infrastructure to the point that it is utterly broken.

Darren describes the situation quite well. I know that Jeff has the same issues, with an extra fun one trying to connect to people with Google Talk. Both Jeff and I have talked to people we know inside Google, but they haven't been able to find anyone on the "inside" who knows more.

Here's my screenshot (extended description on Flickr) of being logged in twice with the same address:

Google is screwing up identity

Public acknowledgement of the broken-ness? Not that I can find. Response to "regular" channels? i.e. this is critical and I can't use Docs/Spreadsheet? None.

Google, what's the plan? I'm not asking to switch to OpenID or allow OpenID logins or any sort of *crazy* talk like that...I just want your existing identity structure to work, to allow me to combine or retire accounts as needed, and not have everything be broken.

Be nice to have a name or pointer to the person/team that is working on this...there are many people willing to troubleshoot and work on this.