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5 things about me you might not know

So, I've so far resisted any sort of "tagging" meme where one gets tagged by another blogger to write about something. Memes, of course, mutate along the way. I was first tagged back in February of this year, by Ton. Back then, it was a mere 4 things.

Then Travis got me, with 5 things. Travis did a fantastic job of his write up...which makes me believe this is why people do these tag things in the first place...hoping for a "Travis".

Now Arienna thinks it's six things.

That's a lot of tagging :P

I think I'll stick to the "5 Things You Don't Know About Me".

  1. I think of myself as German Canadian. Both my parents are German. I was born in Vancouver, but spoke German before I spoke English. My parents and I originally lived in the West End, when it really was still called Robson Strasse (Strasse means "street" in German). There were (and still are) quite a few German families on Bowen Island, where I lived since I was 4. What does being German Canadian mean? It means you know where the Freybe Outlet store is, and you get to open your presents on Christmas Eve. None of this getting up early stuff for us...

  2. I read. A lot. It goes in spurts, but if I have a nice hard sci-fi novel to tear into, I can read really fast (Greg Bear's Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children in the past 36 hours).

  3. I cook. A lot. I flipped a coin between going to cooking school and going to university. I ended up at Capilano College and then started at UVic thinking I was going to be a marine biologist and swim with dolphins. Note: an undergraduate biology student does *not* swim with dolphins. My mom thinks I put too many complicated spices in thing, but the wives enjoy it when I cook their meals.

    I started cooking when I was about 12, since I was the first one home in the evenings. Eventually, I was cooking for dinner parties and such and just telling my mom that the recipe I was making was something I "read in a magazine". Except, I would just make them up, and they pretty much turned out most of the time.

  4. I have a personal site that's a weird aggregator of me interacting with all sorts of external services; it's even got recipes

  5. 13 years ago (1993 - 1994), I sailed around the South Pacific on a tall ship called the S/V Concordia on a program called Class Afloat (think White Squall only co-ed and with a bigger boat). It left me with a lot of friends and experiences, and part of my drive is thinking about how to get back to some of those places I visited. Also, I need a new "big story" :P

And this is the point where I'm supposed to tag someone else. Someone in my daily blog wanderings ended up saying something like "I think I'll be a leaf in this graph". I was thinking of just stealing that, but I actually think this is a good method to make you go check out two other people that floated up into my thoughts in the last little while. Jame Healy is one of them, and the other is Ben Wong over at Mostly Geek. Both are Vancouverites, and I think you'll find lots of interesting things to read over there.