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Officially a member of the Jabber Software Foundation

I'm now officially a member of the Jabber Software Foundation, according to the member meeting minutes.

For one of my first acts, I'll be at EuroOSCON's Dot Org Day (some info posted on the DrupalCon website -- if you are an open source project with presence in Europe, please attend!) helping RalphM and stpeter man the booth there.

That was one of the reasons I wanted to be "official" -- I've already unofficially been promoting/evangelizing Jabber, but now I can say that I'm a member of the JSF.

I hope to get more involved as a member, working on everything from web presence, conference attendance, and general promotion of Jabber-the-community and XMPP-the-protocol.

Help keep our instant messaging and real time protocols open, free, and standards based -- Jabber is for people :P