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Apple notes after WWDC 2006 keynote

I didn't watch the video today, but did scroll through the MacRumors live update. Looking through the transcript and poking around the various updated pages at, there are some interesting tidbits that I think I can extract.

Here as well are some other posts that I found interesting:

  • Om talks about increasing broadband and CPU speed requirements both in home and across the network in the context of Apple's new apps and OS X improvements: Putting Leopard In The Broadband
  • Kevin Marks talks about Apple's HD Future -- from Blue Ray to HD everywhere now that CPUs have more oomph. And of course "The iTunes store has been selling low-res TV shows for $2 each, so they have the makings of an entire distribution chain for content."


  • Dual Optical Bays: why? so that they can slipstream in Blu Ray and/or HD DVD as a build to order option. People who buy with a SuperDrive today can add one of those drives after the fact.

Mac OS X Leopard

  • iCal: CalDAV - yes! open standards support. At the OSCON session last year, it was doom and gloom...except for the potential that Apple would add CalDAV support directly into iCal. This gives us publish AND subscribe. OS X Server Leopard will then include a CalDAV server component. Now that this is for sure, I will start driving/promoting CalDAV more extensively -- Lloyd, I'm pushing for open data/standards here, I'll fight other battles later.
  • Spotlight: distributed search across networks. Also some "launcher" functions...making it a bit like Quicksilver. Apple is stealing from Quicksilver! no, it's not...I don't use QS, and already use Spotlight as a rudimentary launcher. Thanks for building it into the OS...QS can continue to innovate faster, more complex-ly, and open source for those that need it.
  • Time Machine: Apple is going to tackle backup for us...since we're never going to do all the things we're supposed to do. Think of this paired with Jungle Disk (mount Amazon S3 as a disk) or the rumoured Google 1TB personal storage service