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BarCamp Vancouver, and more great Vancouver people

BarCamp Vancouver is coming up quickly. It will take place in Bryght's new offices at the edge of Gastown. Now we have to talk to the construction dudes and make sure they finish in time. Add it to your calendar on upcoming.

Stewart Marshall actually emailed me, concerned that my name wasn't on the list...I stuck my name on the attendee list -- technically we're maxed at 90 people, so there are only 3 slots left as I am posting.

It's a great list of folks on there already, and I keep bumping into more that should come. Specifically, I attended the Google presentation at VanHPC last night, and bumped into a few folks:

I see Michael Stewart and Chani have already added themselves, and of course Dale is #5 with a bullet on the attendee list. So much other tech (BrightSide display tech) and people (yay! Bre is coming from out of town, Alex Williams will be podcasting) Good stuff!

And Beau Hartshorne, who came by the office today, added himself as well.

He's got a very interesting AJAX image editing interface at SnipShot and is working on all sorts of other innovative things. He's currently debating whether to add his innovation to the local Vancouver environment or to take off back to Silicon Valley, where he attended startup school as part of Y Combinator (yes, we need this here...the Innovation Commons might play host to such a thing).

Whew! Things don't slow down in the summer. I'm happy to be in town until the end of September, and it looks like I won't have any shortage of things to do. For to the parents on Bowen Island for a rest. Enjoy your weekends...