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Matt Everard, Entrepreunerial PM

I got a ping from Matt Everard, saying that his blog is now "ready". He calls it Entrepreneurial Project Management.

Who is Matt? He's a smart, interesting project management and dev type who is trying to move to the beauty that is Vancouver (I mentioned him briefly in my post on Vancouver being a fine place to start or join a company). Here's a snippet from his about page:

[This site] is a bit of an intellectual dumping ground containing my musings on “in the trenches, get it done, IT project management” as well as other bright, shiny objects I find along the way. The PM Depot is a work-in-progress, hopefully growing to 20 or so “best of the web” resources (mostly templates and articles)

Matt's anecdote about project management, using drywalling his basement as an example, does a good job of explaining some of the difficulties in working with clients and adding features. There's more like this from him, that I can tell comes from experience -- so go on over and check out his blog. And if you're looking for a good technical/dev project manager in Vancouver...hire him!

Update: Matt got hired by Atimi, and also got a fantastic place to live on Granville Island -- see the Change, Change, Change post on his blog for more info. Congrats!