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BMC Blog Design

Potential new design for BMC from cathycracks

Cathy Wang was bored one night recently and sent me this potential new design for my site – thanks, Cathy! I started talking to Cathy perhaps 6 months ago or so, before she got snapped up by Raincity Studios (she also works with Alex Williams, doing work on the Podcast Hotel).

Of course, it has the requisite "Photo by Kris Krug", and this screenshot is of an interior "static" page. Green would be a new colour for me…I long ago picked dark blue plus the yellow-gold highlight as "my" colours….but then, I don't even have a real brand for BMC other than my name itself. Maybe I should go shopping for a new domain name as well?

The big task, which really should come before the design, is to re-examine my info architecture. There is a lot of different type of info on this site, and I also have content in several external places I would like to highlight/integrate a bit better (e.g. sync local weblinks with my account, have posts from my Bryght blog appear here and perhaps vice versa).

One of those spots is the "personal" side of me. It lives over at for those that are interested, and is an aggregation of content produced by me on many other sites (the 43 universe, like 43 places, being a major source). 

And along with design comes thinking about content…I'm going to try not to veer off into "blogging about blogging", but I should definitely be doing more short snippets of thought here – I admire Sacha, Paul, and Ethan's styles in particular, in terms of frequency, type, and length of content.