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IOSVan: Identity Open Space in Vancouver in July

Kaliya announces that she is helping to unconference an Identity Open Space in Vancouver in July (aka IOSVan):

I am excited there will be open space identity event in the northwest that will provide an opportunity for Identity Gang participants in the region along with the Web 2.0 development community and the social good techies there to come together with Liberty Alliance participants and broaden the dialogue around the technical and social issues surrounding user-centric identitiy. This is NOT the next IIW that will be in November.

The Identity Open Space is being jointly produced by the Internet Identity Workshop and Liberty Alliance July 20-21 in Vancouver Canada.


  • excited that this is taking place in Vancouver -- thanks to the Liberty Alliance and local Sun representative Lauren Wood
  • happy that Kaliya is being unconference woman and will undoubtly do a good job
  • signed up already
  • might not be able to go because I've had an unexpected trip to Germany come up...doh! I'll update this as I figure out my travel

So, if you want to get plugged into the Identity community and learn about the tangled web of protocols, specifications, and standards, go register. See the wiki for more information.

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