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SocialText is going open source, the return of jluster

I've missed Jonas Luster. I knew he was about to resurface as he left websites in his path -- like the redesign of SocialText in Drupal*. Luckily, I stayed subscribed to his RSS feed, and the posts just started pouring in again a couple of days ago. Jonas' title is Open Source Manager for SocialText, Dan Bricklin's wikiCalc is going to be a part of SocialText...and the whole thing is going open source:

So, here it goes .. Tadaa! Remember Dan Bricklin? The dude whose VisiCalc turned out to be a greta idea, and even greater invention, and to create hordes of College students trying to memorize cell macros? Well, he joined Socialtext’s board and with him wikiCalc joined Socialtext. We’ll be developing this beast in the months to come, under an OSI compliant Open Source license, of course, and hope you’ll find it as useful and cool as we do.

But that’s not all. It’d be kinda boring to now go back and hang with my homies, so - just in time for the World Cup (Socialtext has a Wiki for it, of course), my work starts to bring you all of Socialtext as Open Source. Yupp, that’s right, my boss and CEO role model Ross Mayfield spilled them OSI compliant beans today, as well: We’ll have Socialtext Open Source by OSCON 2006. I’ll definitively be in Portland for that, and had a chat with Nat, today, so chances are you’ll also see me say something on stage, as well. Yet another reason to sign up, no? :)

Read the rest of the Jonas's riddle on his site. Congrats to everyone involved, this sounds very interesting. And welcome back, Jonas...maybe I'll actually get to meet you in person one of these days.

(Well, and is making me re-think attendance at OSCON...but I'm committed to EuroOSCON already, so don't think I'll be in Portland this year) 

Update: Patrick Tanguay wrote in to point out that Adaptive Path did the design of the new SocialText site and his company Taste of Blue was responsible for a large part of the rest of the Drupal work.