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DrupalCamp, BarCamp, and Mesh Conference Toronto

It's been a busy couple of weeks. My last post was from San Francisco, and I haven't even finished posting my notes from the Internet Identity Workshop that I was attending down there.

I'm sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight to Toronto. I'll be there until next Wednesday, attending not one, not two, but three separate conference/events.

They are, in order:

For some reason, I waited until the last minute to buy a ticket to Mesh. It turns out that Troy will be joining me there, I'll be hanging out in the unconference room (check the wiki for updates around that) and looking to connect with some eastern folks that left nice comments on my first post saying I was coming -- like John Philip Green. See you in a bit, I still need to update my 43 People list. 

And this will be a very Drupal-y time, I think. This post in IT says "Everything's coming up Drupal". I probably need to debunk that in more detail -- the summary is that only low budget companies are choosing open source.