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Internet Identity Workshop open for registration

Identity-related happenings are definitely chugging along. The next Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) is something I probably need to go to (

IIW is being put together by Kaliya, Doc, and Phil. I’m looking forward to doing things the open space way with my pal Kaliya. I’ll have to think about what I might present. I need to spend some more time with the Clipper Z guys…maybe I can represent some of the things we talked about (distributed reputation management) when I was in Bologna on their behalf (unless they’re coming, of course…).

An aside: I saw the announcement via Doc, and realized that somewhere along the way Phil Windley’s excellent blog had gotten lost from my aggregator. I’m all caught up now, and realize that he’s done a couple of posts that I’ve had rolling around in my head for a while: Google authentication (especially in regards to Joga) and the simple explanation of MicroID. It’s great when you can just point to things like that and say "yes, that’s pretty much what I was thinking, only written down in a clear and elegant way". Suffice it to say, Phil’s back in the aggregator, and I’m looking forward to spending some time around him and other smart folks at IIW.