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Web 2.0 Mesh Conference in Toronto announced - May 15th - 16th

Looks like Mesh Conference was just announced -- a "Web 2.0" conference for Canada. At $350 for 2 days, I have to think about this vs. Gnomedex. Of course, those are Canadian pesos, so lots less. Many interesting faces, but not a lot of details on tracks, conference style, etc. The blurb from one of the first blog posts goes like this:

There is all this buzz around Web 2.0. But what’s really happening, especially around here? Does anybody know? Can anybody help me understand it, and what it means for me? My business? My future? My family? My world?

mesh’s mandate will be to answer this question in as compelling, credible and authentic a way possible. Everything to do with the event will be around furthering that objective, and the content itself will serve to help mesh participants (not attendees :-)) to really start to get it, this year and in years to come. We will create the Canadian forum for next generation Web ideas and leaders.

Here's the link -- nice to see walkah and I were among the first two to start tracking it. I'm watching for now: would like to support other Canadian events, but suspect it might just be a chance to party connect party with a bunch of folks from south of the border. Well, either that, or we storm the place with a troop of West Coast folks (just like Gnomedex...).

Update: I completely forgot about everyone's favourite unconference that is happening right before Mesh -- BarCamp TDot. Here's the link for that. 

Mesh guys: post a logo/badges -- I had to screenshot the one I have here to post it since it's not a separate image. (Rob Hyndman emailed me the logo -- it's attached below -- they'll likely post it to their blog soon)