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OSCMS Summit is go for launch

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Somehow when I wasn't looking, the OSCMS Summit that I talked about a while back came together really nicely. It takes place February 7 - 9 here in Vancouver, right before Moose Camp and Northern Voice. If you're an open source developer or are interested in CMS applications, come by and check it out. We've been lucky enough to get reduced rates at the same UBC Robson Square venue as Northern Voice.

Who's coming? Well, I admit that things will be a little Drupal-centric (we've got about 90 people coming from around the world). Maybe I can prod Scott Laird one more time to talk to us about Typo and Ruby on Rails, or maybe tell us about his new boss and teach us some search or mapping APIs or something.

Actually, as I mentioned, things have really come together. We're still looking for sponsors but the space is set and a great big diverse bunch of people are coming.Rasmus might even make it, except I have to promise to memorize the spelling of his name.

If you feel like running a session -- on anything from Ruby on Rails and frameworks in general, to geodata, to internalization, contact me or leave a comment on the topics page (lots more inspiration there).

The schedule might look a little empty right now, but we have to fit in all those damn Drupal sessions.

I hope, like the *camps, that the model of having a host conference that can serve as a container for related interests (e.g. DrupalCon at the same time) as well as hooking it to other events (e.g. having it next to MooseCamp and Northern Voice) will be something that can continue to grow, making it easier for groups to gather face to face without having to do the burden of organization etc. all by themselves. Kaliya is already volunteering to put together the next one.

It's going to be a heck of a ride, and I'm going to be absolutely wrung out after 5 straight days of conferencing and the intense brain work that happens with so many fun/smart/outrageous people together in one place. I can't wait, and I hope I'll see you there.