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Innovation Commons request: post a video on why you want the commons

The New Enterprise Development team from UBC is nearing the end of their class, and are about to do a final presentation. They're asking for people to submit video clips explaining why they want something like the Innovation Commons to exist. Of course, my interest is seeing this actually happen here in Vancouver, but I think the model would work well in any city in the world: throw a bunch of smart, independent, motivated people together in one space and let collaboration and innovation blossom. Hmmm...too schmalzy? Perhaps, but tell us why you want something like this in your own city -- the students are going to put together a video montage. Time is short: their presentation is on Thursday morning, so your post pretty much needs to be up by tomorrow. A podcast would probably work, too.

-- I'll be updating this post later with my own video clip --

Update: Aargh. The video is sitting at home in draft mode. I'm uploading a video filled with a high number of "ums" per minute that I took with my cameraphone just now. Here's the 3gp file.

Actually, thinking more about this, it would be great if the team's presentation (which includes a business model, among other things) could be made available for people to run with in their own city...hmm, I smell some Creative Commons licensing coming up.

P.S. Need a place to put your video? Roland wrote up his recent experiences on video sharing services with lots of different suggestions.