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Innovation Commons: Please take the survey

The New Enterprise Development team have done a great job in designing a survey to gather some more information for the Vancouver Innovation Commons location. Please head over to the wiki and take the survey.

The team has also put together some preliminary numbers on what is needed to make this a reality, but there are definitely some more rounds of feedback needed. I can report that I had a great meeting the other day with Charles Holmes of SFU's Learning Strategies group, who is involved in too many cool local projects to grasp -- everything from a project with the Dalai Lama to an upcoming "30 Days of Sustainability" in March. I bring it up because especially the latter project, which focuses on sustainability, could certainly see some tie-ins to potential evolutions of the Innovation Commons. At the very least, I hope that Vancouver's tech/entreprenuer community can be a part of the event here in Vancouver.

Probably another get together in a couple of weeks to share findings and brainstorm some next steps.

P.S. Colin checked out the Waves coffee shop that recently opened with free wireless, and open 24 hours. Definitely no competition in the coffee department ("worse than Starbucks" was the phrase used), and it didn't have a great vibe. I'll have to check it out for myself, maybe even late one night.