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Jabber and the search for the best PHP CMS that uses PostgreSQL

The Jabber guys are planning world domination with us here at BarCamp Amsterdam. Ralph is keeping the secret pretty close to his chest, but we've got it pretty well sketched out: our session is at 14:30 today in the kitchen

Apparently, Drupal isn't ranking highly in searches for "PHP CMS", so I'm doing some links to help with that. Funny thing is, searching for Broken CMS ends up pointing to a Drupal-powered site...but it has links to Typo3, XOOPS, and PHPWCMS. Yeah, we laughed.

I'm hoping that James will commit his Jabber module today, so that we can kick the tires on it. Of course, the ejabberd server already runs their community site on Drupal. We had a little bit of a discussion about have a new jabberd server that has some of the attributes of ejabberd -- distributed, fault-tolerant, etc. -- except, not written in a not very widely supported language like erlang. Python and the Twisted networking framework sound like good choices.