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DrupalCon, EuroOSCON, and BarCamp - Amsterdam is hopping

Well, I'm still in Amsterdam nearing the end of the week but it feels like things are just getting started. I'm actually sitting in de Brakke Grond, site of the DrupalCon, as Moshe Weitzman walks us through the simpletest framework for unit testing in Drupal.

The first OSCON in Europe is just ending. I was disappointed that we couldn't integrate more fully, but Chris Messina and I had a really long and fruitful discussion with Gina Blaber and Margi Levin of O'Reilly's conference team. The team is already looking at planning the next OSCON event in Europe, and I'm looking forward to have a really interesting set of satellite events in partnership with O'Reilly in the future.

And yeah, BarCampAmsterdam. It starts...well, it started about an hour ago, I'm just still finishing my last conference! Yes, things are busy, so busy that I didn't get a chance to bang the drum about some cool hacking stuff that I hope to see accomplished during BarCamp (there's a long story about the lack of Internet connectivity in Amsterdam as well). So, on to the hand waving, or Cool Things I'd Love to See Hackers Build at BarCamp:

More soon, keep an eye on the BarCamp wiki for news over the weekend. I have to work on my open source cooking skills -- I'm doing a stirfry for hungry BarCampers.