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The new feedback will not be controlled

I found this post by Ian Hixie very interesting. At Bryght, we're looking at revamping our support ticketing and feedback process to more closely follow what we believe: that companies should value every ounce of feedback/suggestion/whatever that people choose to give them....wherever that feedback happens.

I found several posts giving suggestions and feedback on the WHATWG specs. But as far as I can tell, none of those messages were sent to the list.

I've made a note of those posts so that I can make sure to incorporate the comments that were made, but please, if you have comments... send them to the list! Or to me! Leaving them on your Web log will not (unless I happen to run into those comments like I did those above) result in the spec improving. Your comments are welcome, whoever you are, and however minor or controversial you might think your comments are. Hixie's Natural Log: Message in a Bottle about using some of these fancy new blog search tools to find out what people are saying about you? You could even designate a blog entry to link to for different types of feedback (or even, vote with links -- link to different posts for different strategies).

Ideally, I'd love to see a type of feedback node that accepts blog links, comments, and just about anything else you can think of. Tagging would be included, as would ratings/voting for the main feedback point as well as subsequent comments. Also, linking similar/the same feedback together.

The Robots have done a fantastic job of using their own platform (43 Things) to gather feedback on their next platforms. See for how this works.