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Yiibu Crew Back to YVR

So, before I had a chance (it has been too long) to point to Bryan's update from Bangkok, he and Steph are coming back to Vancouver.

Can't say I'm disappointed that SE Asia didn't have enough allure for them -- I'm going to need more help in getting the "Innovation Commons" off the ground here in Vancouver. More on that later, I have to post a recent mobile experience to celebrate the return of these guys.

Well, it's been just over three months since we left Vancouver and it's just over a week until we're back. Definately not what we had planned. Sometimes life just takes you on the strangest journeys despite your best efforts to stray off the beaten path.

Anyway, long story short - Steph and I are returning to YVR September 24th to continue working on Yiibu. Three months ago we came to Asia with the idea of building a mobile content company (don't get me started), but then after a few weeks of continued research, countless conversations, more than a few arguments in addition to a burning desire to do something meaningful we've diverged from our original plans a little.

Basically, we going to try and build a shareable, micro-content publishing company with the majority of our work licensed under a Creative Commons license (hopefully by Attribution 2.5 - which would allow commercial uses of our work.) The Life of Bryan: Even the best laid plans...