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Google Talks Jabber

Google Talk is Google's unnannounced (until tomorrow?) Jabber-based instant messaging system. We'll know more tomorrow, but it's fun that Niall figured out how to connect early (via Om, looks like it's offline).

What are some good Jabber clients on Windows? I can't think of any, so I suspect Google will launch a killer Jabber client of their own. This time, us folks on Macs won't be left in the cold, though -- Apple's iChat already natively supports Jabber. Looking forward to see what else Google has up its sleeve for the real release tomorrow.

walkah -- now would be a good time to commit that jabber module for Drupal.

It's up. Check the compatability chart of other IM clients -- it does included voice only in the Windows version that Google offers for download. So...the big thing about Skype is that it is completely cross platform. Does Google once again not love Mac users? Will Apple roll an upgrade that makes iChat work with this?

(via Photo Matt: Google Talk)