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Testing the OPML Editor

I've got the Mac version, now available from the download page at

Turns out I hate the way that opml blogs work -- the anchor-based perma-links, the no separate entries, the weirdo "adding a link to a whole entry". I think the OPML editor should stick to what it does best -- working with OPML outlines. Actually, talking to Colin and others, we really just want to have Omni Outliner speak instant outlining.

But this begs the question, what are we building here? I think this could be done with Jabber, the Publish/Subscribe JEP, and passing back and forth OPML document fragments. With identity and presence built in, of course. Would Dave be open to swapping out the communications protocol with something more standards based?

It's the same reason I'd like to see SubEthaEdit's protocol opened -- there are many more things we could build if these were standards.

In any case, thanks Dave for giving us a new old thing to experiment with.Try subscribing to my Instant Outline. Not sure if this works yet.

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