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Read-only calendars were nice in 2002

Scott points to a rumour that Apple is going to use Hula as a mail + calendaring solution. But, we'd all really just like iCal sharing for small numbers of people:

The ability to publish read-only calendars was nice in 2002 when it was first added, but it’s been three years, and I’m still waiting for the ability to share read/write calendars with other family members. I’m aware that I could probably do this with .Mac, but I’m not willing to pay $100/year just so I can edit events on my wife’s calendar a couple times per week. scottstuff: Apple to adopt Hula?

Amen, Scott. And, I'd be willing to wager that editing events on a spouse's calendar would be one of the major uses.

There's a CalDAV BOF that I'm going to attend down at OSCON, but really, we're stilling banging our heads over how to properly support true two-way desktop calendar integration. Hula looks like a *big* solution, and Adrian reminded me of the post dissing groupware that went with it. For the same reason that blog-like tools are overtaking much larger CMS's, I would argue that a small, nimble, person-to-person focused calendaring solution that is *easy* will win over big groupware.