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Dinner in Seattle was great

Well, Kris is mad at me because we're even farther behind in various projects, but I really wanted to fit this trip to Seattle in before going to OSCON in Portland next week.

Thanks to Chris for spending your Gnomie points on us at Chinoise, and happy birthday! I still don't get the term "pan asian"...

I keep thinking we should do more cross-border trips specifically to Seattle. Maybe Web 2.0 meetups every month, alternating between Seattle and Vancouver (and Bainbridge?).

After the jump, I'm just going to quote all of Scott Laird's post, since he nicely covered all the necessary links.

I’ll have to call this a personal first: I had dinner at Chinoise yesterday with a group of people that I’d never actually met in person before, all arranged at the last minute via blog trackbacks.

Besides finally meeting Boris, I got to meet Chris, Lee, Kris, Amanda, and a friend of Kris’s who’s name I’ve completely forgotten. Sorry. I’d never been to Chinoise before, but I’ll be back soon–great food, wonderful presented. The conversation was enjoyably geeky; Boris and I double-teamed Lee and Chris on the “you need a Nokia N91