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Hanging with the 'Gnomes in Seattle: Dinner anyone?

Kris and I are heading down to Seattle to hang with the 'gnomes today (Monday, July 25th).

I think we'll probably stay the whole day and likely have time for a Web 2.0 dinner. Any takers? Like...Lee, Robots, Scoble, Scott? I'm sure I've forgotten people, but it's "today" already and I need to go to sleep/get up early (and Kris will likely fill in some more for me...).

Update: we're heading to Chinoise on Madison at 6:30pm. Chris says it's "pan asian", which apparently means it has sushi plus more (i.e. non-sushi stuff).

And yes, as you can see by my comments, I did forget a bunch of people. I need to start filtering by city or something, although that wouldn't have helped with Bainbridge Island. Here are some more pings: Matt May, Nick?