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Cora's does have good breakfasts...more podcasts from the CBC, please

Dave was in Ottawa and had breakfast at Cora's. My guess is the one on Merivale, on his way up from the 401.

I had one of the best breakfasts of my life at a restaurant called Cora's in Ottawa. Maybe it was because I like Ottawa so much, or did some really great work on my walk just before breakfast, or maybe it's because the food was incredibly well prepared. I don't know but, it was pretty great Scripting News: 7/22/2005

I noticed the mention because there was an interview on CBC recently with the founder of Cora's -- initially a completely family run chain in Quebec, and now a franchise. The food *is* really good. The point being, I wish that all of the CBC's programming was available as podcasts. Of course, when I played Episode #9 from the CBC Radio 3 kind of sucked (I've liked the rest of them so far). But still...more, please.