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Pluto Home plus Squeezebox = Sonos killer?

mark_tar_mark posted a long comment about how he uses the Pluto Home along with the Squeezebox:

I just setup a Pluto Home system (smarthome + media server). It’s really cool and works great with SqueezeBoxes. Just plug the squeeze box into an Ethernet jack. When it sees the squeezebox request an IP address it automatically installs the slimserver and sets everything up on its own. There’s no software to install at all. And if you have a Bluetooth mobile phone, that turns into the remote control—complete with cover art, access to playlists, etc. Plus, it knows how to control all the other stuff too—so when I start playing music on my squeeze box it automatically turns on the stereo and sets it to the right input. mark_tar_mark: Cool new application for SqueezeBox—a Sonos killer

I wrote about Pluto in early 2004, around the time I first posted about the Squeezebox.

Finally, mark asks "So, is anybody out there working on a C++ squeezebox2 player? This is the only small piece that’s missing. With that piece this would be a total sonos killer." Sonos is a whole home digital music player. It's quite slick and has a dedicated wireless controller, but is expensive and only does music.

I'm not doing much more investigating into home server systems until I live in a larger place and can actually make use of such a thing.