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The work which I admire is being by guys and gals in their late teens and early 20s

Hopefully Jonathan won't mind that I'm pointing to this entry, which he's labeled "personal thoughts". He's over at Firebright, where I bumped into him through work. We've been having some great discussions about technology, the future, and working together, and both of us have been around since the "old school" days.

Is the only good stuff coming from young(er) people? Of course not -- Dave Winer will continue to stir the pot with new technologies and approaches.

But it is interesting to see that people like Andy (who got kicked out of Canada for being too young to work) or Jeremy are creating really great stuff.

But, interestingly, much of the work which I admire the most is being done by guys and gals in their late teens and early 20s. This generation coming up after them is going to be amazing when it comes to throwing down with ip, ’cause they’re going to be the first ones who didn’t know about dialup, and grew up with the web. I can’t wait to see how embedded it is in their lives.

But I wonder, will it lead to more innovation, or will the Internet/WWW settle, like most innovations, into a comfortable niche in people’s lives where they learn to ignore it.

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