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Cringely thinks ClickStar is iTunes Movie Store

Actually, Cringely also thinks that Apple is going to come out with a portable retinal display:

What about a higher resolution display, possibly a retinal scan display, for the Video iPod? It's the only way to extend Apple's "Year of HD" to its tiniest platform.

Nearly all of the retinal scan patents are held by Bothell, Washington-based MicroVision, a company I have written about in the past. And from the look of the SEC filings, a lot is happening up there in Bothell. As always I have no insider information at all, but it wouldn't surprise me if Apple introduced a super-high-capacity iPod and a separate retinal-scan display. It will be aimed at the very high end of the price scale, just like the Apple Cinema Display originally cost $4,000 for what now costs less than $1,000. The retinal scan display won't be cheap, but it will be cool, and it will be some permutation of HD, too.

I, Cringely: There's More to the Apple/Intel Deal Than Even Bob Thought At First

My previous writings on the iTunes Movies rumours and associated devices.

Cringely spends some time talking about how Intel is tied into movies here, through its investment in Click Star. Retinal displays? I don't know. I still want a Mac tablet, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was Intel-powered.