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scottstuff is flickring

Scott Laird is now on Flickr. As he mentions below, we've been tracking each others stuff for some time now, and he found the infamous beer tower picture that is on the 1001 home page.

Weird example – 1001’s home page has a few example pictures, and the last one looked kind of familiar to me. I haven’t seen the picture before, but the guy on the left looks a lot like Boris Mann; Boris and I have been swapping comments on each other’s blogs for quite a while now. A bit of searching and I found the original picture of Boris and Roland Tangelo. Even though I’ve never actually met Boris, I’ve met at least three or four of the people on his Flickr contacts list and I read the blogs of several others. I picked a few other people on his contact list and looked at their contact lists, and I kept finding more people I knew. I’m not sure if this is all that useful, but it’s certainly interesting, and it’s given me a chance to see a lot of fascinating pictures.

scottstuff: Still Flickring

Useful? Well, it's one more place where people can connect directly and get a better sense of each other's lives, interests, and pass times. All of which are good things, I think.

And one of these days when I am down in Seattle I'm going to meet Scott.