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Citizen Journalism and the London Bombings: Interview Alert

I'm going to be interviewed by Global TV in a few hours, talking about citizen journalism and how people in the streets of London began documenting the recent events there practically in real time, using cell phones and digital cameras.

Flickr will likely feature prominently, even though they're not technically a Vancouver company anymore. I'm going to use this post to gather links, and I did a little pre-show practice with the attached movie.

All the links after the jump. I'll update as I know more, please do send in examples of more coverage (leave a comment or just link to this post).

Update: the interview is done, covered nicely by Kris. He took some pictures, too. I'm pretty happy with how it went -- there was a lot to cover, so hopefully I gave a little taste of what's available, and what that means for covering current events like the events in London.

Update 2: I didn't manage to watch the 6pm news, but got calls from friends and relatives who saw it. From all accounts, it went pretty well, although my segment was quite short. I tuned in to the 11pm news to see if I could see it myself....but Joey deVilla scooped me! Not really, but it looks like they cut together a different segment based on footage from the Toronto office. One more chance some time tomorrow, I think.

Update 3: Stewart Marshall sent along a bunch of relevant links --