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Delicious Construction Kit

I love Delicious Library. But I want more.

Delicious Library works with your iSight or a dedicated barcode scanner to scan the UPC codes of your books, music, movies, and games, and create a library on your computer. It also connects to Amazon and looks up all the information directly from the UPC code, including a picture of the cover and all sorts of other good stuff.

The other day, we were drinking some red wine and really enjoying it, and I was looking at the bottle and noticed the UPC code. So I walked over to the computer, held it in front of the camera, and... *beep*.

Except the beep doesn't do anything. It does get entered into the library, but Amazon certainly doesn't know anything about wine, so it doesn't have any information to grab. And the library is restricted to books, movies, music, and where does the wine go?

This would seem the perfect application of a Content Construction Kit -- give developers (and users) the power to create new libraries and library items out of a list of fields and value types. Heck, I might even pay a monthly fee to get access to an updated database of wine info.

So, here's hoping that the Monsters (Delicious Monster, that is, the development team) decide to give us the Delicious Construction Kit. Everyone from wine enthusiasts to comic book collectors will take care of the rest. Just like the CD database began with hand entering content, that's how wine or comic book directories could grow as well.

Hey, this milk carton has a UPC code on it...Delicious Refrigerator anyone?

P.S.: Dear Monsters, I know you've heard of this "blog" thing. I'm not asking you to build blog posting capability in, but is there some easy way you could click a button to get a snippet of HTML? Or make me a little "post to blog" button that connects with Ecto or MarsEdit. Thanks!