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The Dark Web

In wrapping up his feelings about GnomeDex, Lee LeFever pinged me to explain what our made up term 'The Dark Web' means. I don't feel entirely comfortably explaining it, so tag, you're it Richard.

I’ve been hearing more references to different things referred to as ‘dark-something’ Dark Blogs are Intranet blogs, Dark Net is a book by J.D. Lasica and 'The Dark Web' is something Boris Mann will have to explain Common Craft: GnomeDex Revolution

I actually do have my own Dark Web blog -- it's my personal site. In some ways, I would almost welcome a LiveJournal-like (or Flickr-like) set of access rules so that only the people I want can read it. So, it means I sensor myself, but am OK with anyone looking there. After listening to Julie Leung's presentation for the second time, I feel I'd like a private channel for some people in my life...including me, in the old personal journal/diary sense of the word.