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My two feeds: main and complete

  • Created: June 26, 2005
  • BMC

Just a quick note: I actually have two main feeds on this blog (as well as per-category feeds).

The “main” feed is everything that makes it to the front page, and can be found here.

The “complete” feed is pretty close to everything that I post that is a blog (yeah, I’m not going to get into it, it’s just a b-word vs. larger platform thing again), and can be found here. It includes items that I don’t promote to the front page.

Basically, the front page main feed is “stuff that Boris thinks everyone should read/is interested in”. The stuff I don’t promote to the front page is…well, something that I don’t feel compelled to pester absolutely everyone about. Like my Gnomedex rumours. I might even put boring site notices off the front page. Except for this one, since then you’d never know what you’re missing.

Of course, front pages are dead in any case, so your mileage may vary. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.