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Gnomedex 2005 Closing Rumours

Gnomedex 2005 has wrapped, and Roland and I are driving north heading back to Vancouver, discussing our experiences at the conference. My Bryght blog has all the things I posted during the conference. I posted a lot more than I thought I would, even with shaky WiFi connectivity, lots of intense sessions and hallway meetings.

I thought I would come back over here and pass on a couple of rumours:

  • Google is readying people search capabilities. Typing in a person's name in proper caps and clicking on "I'm feeling lucky" makes...interesting things happen. Think about it!
  • Adam Curry was overwhelmed by the Vancouver presence at Gnomedex. He's moving from Amsterdam to Vansterdam.

Not a rumour: no bears or fish were harmed at the Edgewater Hotel.