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Sunday afternoon link-o-rama

It seems like Sunday afternoons are better for linking than thinking.

  • dashLicious: a Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard widget that lets you add links to; needs to add Firefox support and then I can ditch the bookmarklet I use right now
  • Richard Eriksson writes on Creative Commons hooking up with BzzAgent and how disappointed he is; makes me want to use phrases like "tour-de-force" and "definitive write up"
  • More Vancouver-local talent, David RD Gratton; apparently Bryan coerced him back into blogging; he's thinking about music DRM right now; go subscribe and keep up with him if you can
  • Roland linked to this Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard -- I had one of these for my first PDA, a Handspring; I can see how this might be useful for on-the-fly anywhere reporting/blogging -- I could do this with my Nokia 6630 + GPRS; but, I've never had good success with these accessory accessories...I always lose the dream and stop using them...
  • Skype now has an affiliate program (via Tris); I'll add it to my banners here
  • The infamous-yet-anonymous :P Holycola is rockin' Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and here's my favourite quote: "Tiger unifies applications and their data like only some kind of high-end database could before, and does it with elegance. If that isn't a major change, I don't know what is."