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Wiki Resume

So Matt May noticed this experiment.

I think it might be an interesting experiment to collect references from various people. It’s destined to be more enlightening than the reference letters I’ll send you. However, as it’s out of my control, it’s also apt to be more mixed than I might like, which is scary, and scary is bad.

Ah, what the hell. Tag what you think of me as a Web geek. If it’s positive on the whole, it could be a powerful statement to a potential employer. Or it could be an excuse to weep, drink, and go on medication.

And if anyone sees a job that they think would interest me, or simply wants to pile abuse on me, they should tag such advice and abuse “get a job slacker“. I’ll track that and Boris’ feed.

Alex Samuel pointed me to Wendy Koslow's wiki resume, which got me thinking about an old idea I had about XML Resumes and Resume Promotion. That post has some sub-links to various formats, but looking back at it, some of it is implemented by LinkedIn already. SimplyHired has been talked up a bit lately, but unfortunately, zero results for "web geek" in Seattle (and yes, that query string is atrocious, but at least you can bookmark searches). What, no RSS?

I've always complained about LinkedIn not making my profile publically visible: just give me a feed or an XML output or something (we love APIs!) so that I can integrate it in other places. Please?

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