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Yep, it's link roundup time. I have stuff that needs posting over on the personal site, too.

  • My dad left for his pilgrim's walk today, and came by the office first. Kris took a picture. Yep, he's got a blog.
  • The XBox 360, a.k.a. XBox 2, is coming out soon. Scott talks about backwards compatility. I've been tempted to get an XBox 1 to act as media center, due to it's extreme hackability. Will version 2 also be hack-friendly?
  • I read Fraser Speirs' ideas around Neutrino XML with interest. Then I reallized it was pretty much OPML. And of course, I already have the borisphere.
  • Fred does a great job talking about the benefits of LinkedIn.
  • Kris lent me Firefly on DVD and I was hooked, so I'm looking forward to the Serenity movie. Could this be a way to re-launch the series?
  • The Canon S2 IS, the successor to my S1, just got released. Evan was sitting on the fence for quite some time, this might push him over to buy it. Heck, I'm thinking of giving my S1 to Richard for services rendered and getting it myself. Only annoying bit: they changed the memory card format from Compact Flash to SD, and I have quite a few CF cards already.
  • Jeffie is building Drupal stuff and making fun of Dries -- "I am slowly getting a clearer picture of what a demented little monkey Dries is"

Aside: is some of this stuff "personal" and shouldn't be here? I'm really bad at keeping my life in little boxes scattered all over the place...