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Hire Matt May

Matt May needs hiring. And so I got this crazy idea into my head. An experiment in conversation tracking and tagging, and who knows what else, prompted by Matt's statement "but really, who reads resumes anymore?".

See the tag at the end of this post? Use "hire matt may", and it should show up on this Technorati tags page.

Also, I've created a PubSub search for the phrase "hire matt may", so you should just be able to use that exact phrase anywhere in your post and it will show up on this page (I'm aggregating the PubSub RSS feed -- here's the direct feed link).

So...if you want to, um, hire Matt May, then use the tag or that phrase. Either put up a post suggesting a company where he might like to work, or offer him a job via your weblog, or show support that other people should hire him. Heck, Flickr pictures with a written testimonial (a la Pirillo's chest) might even be a good idea.

Who is Matt May? Well, I've been following his weblog for quite some time. I've met him once, very briefly (he may not remember) -- down at the Business Blogging Summit in Seattle. He knows webbie-type stuff, and happens to have a really great podcast as well. I would love to have him as a Bryght guy but....well, no but. I don't know if we can afford him right now.

Let's see what happens next...

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