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Civilities and ViewPoints

I must be slipping. I had never heard of Civilities until Arieanna pointed towards it. Jon Garfunkel is doing some amazing writing, and he's hitting all my buttons: it's all about Web 2.0, it's not a blog, and he's using Drupal to power it all:

Civilities is the work, so far, of one person. One might thus label it a blog, but it isn't one. It's better than a blog. I call it a Civ, which conveniently is an acronym for "Constructing Informative Viewpoints". About page

Next fantastic thing from Jon: ViewPoints. Alex Samuel and I had a discussion about online consultation -- which we really need to post some ideas around -- and I think Jon's ViewPoints are a step in that direction. Here's what he sees as the Usage Patterns:

  • Any point of discussion can become a quick poll.
  • A debate may develop between two parties; participants may score each point in the debate as it happened.
  • Meta-moderation works simply by applying ViewPoints to an existing post. ViewPoints

Luckily, Alex is also heading back east soon, so hopefully she will get a chance to sit down and discuss these concepts with Jon directly.

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