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Blog Therapist Answer #1: Aggregating everything

So, apparently I am the first Blog Therapist, thanks to Alex Samuel. I had spent some time talking to her at the Blog Meetup Thingy as Darren so eloquently calls it. I met Alex (well, registered her as she and her husband came in the door) at Northern Voice, so it was great to see them come out to the meetup.

Alex is going to have an article in the Toronto Star about the tagging phenomenon, and we chatted about what to do when you start getting multiple blogs. When to post to which one? How to aggregate all "your" posts together? The answer is going to be in aggregation, using something like Richard Eriksson's fancy Magpie-powered iste. I have the "borisphere" on my personal site -- I aggregate everything from my Bryght blog to my 43 Things and Audioscrobbler page. This is all part of the built-in Drupal aggregator.

This concept is exactly what Marc has been talking about for quite some time as a Digital Lifestyle Aggregator. Using tags to channel posts is really just an intermediate step (or maybe a spam-filled cul-de-sac?) on the way to conversation tracking. You want to share topics? OpenTopics! Which should really be Easy News Topics.

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P.S.: Alex: I think I helped with your other problem: when I linked to Rob....I used "nofollow" :P