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Mac even-more-mini rumours: come on, we *know* it's a tablet!

PDA Mac? iBook mini? Palmtop Mac?

Don't believe the rumours. I've got the real scoop. It's going to be a tablet!

I wrote up my Mac tablet predictions earlier, but let's do a recap:

  • screen-only interface and form factor, like the Sony LocationFree TVs, except done right
  • runs full OS X, just on an under-powered G4, so a bunch of heavy duty apps like Photoshop won't necessarily run well
  • Airport and Bluetooth built-in
  • stylus interface; attach Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you want direct input
  • it's a remote for your "main" iTunes/iPhoto system

What's the target? Basically, even-smaller-form factor plus remote control of other systems plus remote viewing (iPhoto, movies)/listening around the house. I could see myself using it in meetings etc. -- easy/quick "on the go" note taking where tablets excel.

It also "solves" the problem of the 10-foot interface: give people a 1 foot interface to control their 10-ft interfaces with. It's elegant, sneaky, and a very "Apple" thing to do. TV remains TV, OS X remains OS just get the best of both worlds.

What would be a real coup? If you could use it with iTunes for Windows...

P.S. If I'm wrong on this one SJ, I still think it would be a good one to build.