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iTunes Canada -- finally!

It was supposed to launch a few days ago, the launch slipped, but who cares? It's here! And yes, it's still 99¢ per track, so we're saving up here with our Canadian pesos!

Have I bought music? Yep, you bet. First purchase: Black Eyed Peas, Let's Get it Started (The Urbz Edition). 4 tracks, $3.96. Canadian.

I've been really enjoying the Black Eyed Peas. For some reason I thought they were from Toronto, but no, they're from LA. But hey, they have their own Sims characters, who can't love them? Seriously, they have a fun mix of songs with good beats, and they've ended up on quite a few compilations recently.

Would I have bought that in a store? No way, I don't usually buy singles. But this was *dead simple*. Oh man, I'm afraid to show Kate this...

Craziness...I can even make an iMix now: Burning Monkey Productions Presents: CDX2 -- on the Apple iTunes Music Store.

Update: second purchase. Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow Live -- in part purely because of the video. Yeah, it brings tears to my eyes, as do many of Sarah's tracks.

But also, $9.99 for 18 tracks. Hmmm...I'm already starting to think in a "track" way. (Just to turn all that mushiness back into cash and the cold hard tech world we live in)