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Todd Maffin: Great work on covering Mozilla

Almost exactly a year ago, I heard the worst piece of reporting ever on CBC -- Todd Maffin's piece on the costs of printing digital vs. analog pictures. I of course posted about it. Todd and I had a bit of a dialog via email, but it never really went anywhere -- that is, he didn't want to budge on any of his points.

But today I want to say to Todd -- great job! I just finished listening to his piece on open source, and in particular the launch of Mozilla Firefox and accompanying meetups. You can listen to it, too -- Todd's managed to get podcasts on CBC*, and here's a direct link: The Open Source Community Grows (November 21, 2004)

Your friend and mine, Vancouver's own blogfather, Darren Barefoot is interviewed for the piece. Sounds really good, Darren. Isn't that the second time you've been on CBC, both thanks to blogging?

OK, one more thumbs up for Todd. He's been jumping into podcasting with both feet, and is running a Blogware blog called I Love Radio. Having someone who understands this technology on the "inside" of a major media organization in Canada is great. We've got a man on the inside out!

Note to Todd: get your domain issues fixed so that your domain is accessible through Roland wrote up instructions for GoDaddy, and then the second part is adding as a domain in Blogware.

*Arrgh! No permalinks, making it impossible to reference the summary etc. around the piece, forcing you to link directly to the audio file. The podcast page does have RSS at least, and again, kudos to Todd for managing to get that implemented, but RSS feeds and the CBC obviously still don't go together. And why is the title of that podcast page "The CBC does not endorse the con"? What does that mean?