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Marqui - Content Management in Vancouver and Blogging for Money

Marc Canter has gotten quite the storm of controversy about paying bloggers Of course, Marc won't get any respect until, say, Microsoft does it.

Roland and I met with Marc Tuesday night to go over some Bryght business (this, this, and this, if you must know). Marc also gave us a preview of the new Marqui (nee MaestroCMS) demo. Marqui has some great workflow features, they output to multiple formats, and they even have RSS feeds in their newsroom now.

Would reviewing a CMS make sense for my blog? Absolutely.

Yes, my business might be considered a competitor, but I've already been thinking how the two systems could work together. Let Marqui handle the complicated workflow of larger corporations and a mass of static content. Let Bryght handle your community site, developer forums, or other highly-dynamic sections of your web presence.

Heck -- this post might be my first entry in a paycheque from Marqui. (Disclaimer: I'm not being paid to post this right now)

In any case, congratulations to Marc and Marqui. It's great to see another Vancouver company doing really interesting work, and succeeding.