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Lycoris takes over E-smith

Lloyd forwarded me news from the E-smith project:

Effective immediately, and the development and support of the SME Server will be handled by Lycoris ( and Lycoris is a successful Linux company that has developed a reputation as a world-wide leader in Desktop Linux Operating Systems with their Lycoris Desktop/LX product line. News

Having e-smith once more in a "supported" mode could mean interesting things. Of course, having the "free" version available was great for lots of consultants catering to schools, small businesses, and non-profits, so hopefully Lycoris will continue to provide ISOs for those uses.

For really robust, turn-key Linux based servers, I have taken to recommending the Net Integrator. Their per-user licensing is a bit strange in the Linux world, but I really like their integrated server hardware solutions, and they do offer a complete Exchange replacement (which still lets you run Outlook with full server support on the desktop).

Checking out the site, I see that they now have a remote desktop type of product, Expression Desktop. Still a good company to keep an eye on, and I'll definitely check them out if I find myself having to spec out large hardware deployments again.

I haven't touched my home server in months (up and running for half a year), and will likely be taking it down some time soon, mainly because the PC it is on is too loud, and because all the picture galleries on it are being transitioned to Flickr. Our desktop Mac will handle any serving duties I might have.