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What do I expect from my blog?

Chris from the Bali International Consulting Group posted the following as a comment on my about page:

Hi Boris,

just really curious how you can handle such a blog and if its worth it...

what you expect from it and what you really gain?

saw your Bali pic, I live there, so looked for Bali Consulting on Googloe and found you...quite some trouble with those search engines lately, might be better to stick to yellow pages ;-)

anyhow don't get me wrong, just curious...


Chris from sunny Bali

Great question, Chris. For some of the reasons I run this site, check out my Blogging for Business talk.

But it started off because I wanted to:

  1. Wanted to have my own domain/site that didn't depend on the particular access provider I was using
  2. Experiment with web-based tools
  3. Have a place to put thoughts, ideas, etc. online where I could share them
  4. Keep in touch with friends and family who lived elsewhere

The site started off with more of a personal focus. But, many of the things I'm interested in center around technology. I've always done a certain amount of research and analysis in positions I've held, so some of this translates over into the writing I do here. As more people began to read this site, and especially as I became a small business owner and then an independent consultant, I wrote more about technology and business.

So, what do I expect? I've always written here for my own purposes -- that is, I've wanted/needed to put thoughts down, and this site serves as a good way to organize them.

What do I hope to gain? Connections. Conversation. Opportunities. I've gained all three through this site.

You also asked how I "handle" the site. Well, it runs on a system called Drupal, if that's what you mean, and is hosted by my company, Bryght. If you mean the time commitment...well, I'm writing a lot less here than I have before, but that's because I also write elsewhere. Writing 2 or 3 posts a week is something that anyone can handle, and you can usually find at least 2 or 3 items of interest to you in that time frame.

I hope that helps answer your questions: hearing from someone so far away is why, yes, it is absolutely worth running this site. Contact me if I can help you with anything else. My company doesn't have any representation in Bali yet...