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Greenthing theme and this week

Thanks to Eric Scouten (who I met, but didn't get much of a chance to talk to, AND didn't even manage to buy beer for!), here is the Greenthing theme. It only has one right hand column, which means there is a ton of information shoved in there. I've been experimenting with adding a left column that goes all the way to the top

This week has been very, very hectic. I don't even think that's completely the right word. Lots of meetings, lots of dinners, lots of thinking. It was great to meet so many people in the flesh. James put it best -- for what we crammed into barely 5 days, we could easily have used 2 weeks. There is lots to digest (literally and figuratively) and I continue to be excited about the direction things are going...even if it is a bit tiring at times.

And yes, feel free to post comments/complaints/suggestions about the new look, although I don't expect to be fiddling with it (much) for a while.