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It appears I never have to throw anything away again

With unlimited storage, I need a new home directory approach. It's starts with reconciling my various home directories (main work machine, home machine, misc_firewire) into one home directory so I can stare it and figure out an organizational hierarchy that scales like crazy. Mac OS X is handy with it's home directory template, but HELLO EVERYTHING I DO IS A DOCUMENT.... a single Document folder doesn't really help me.

If you have any suggestions here, I’d like to hear them because I’m still chewing on this. Oh yeah, Spotlight better rock, too… because I’m about to have some serious search issues. Rands in Repose: Crunch Time Cleaning

I don't remember when I started reading Rands. It's quality over quantity (that is, infrequent postings -- the posts themselves are long and enjoyable).

I have the same problem: lots of stuff, lack of good tools to organize it. I have some ideas. I think labels could be improved. Why do we have to have a limited amount of labels? Much like Flickr or tags, I could tag documents with labels, and just see slices of content all over the place. And obviously, smart folders to collect the stuff together. And the labels should be pervasive, from Address Book to Mail to Documents.

Maybe I should go read up on Spotlight again and see how much it does. With an open API (another necessity), one could perhaps build something like this.