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SteamWorks invaded by Germans

I never did post anything about the great time I had on Friday night, and since Kris Krug just did a massive "shout out", I should probably say at least a thing or two.

I knew I had to meet with Kris while he was in town, plus I missed a meeting with Ean earlier in the week, so I emailed a small group of people and figured we might have 8 or 10 people turn up. Well, by the time Troy got through his rolodex, Darren posted it to his weblog, and Kris invited his posse along, I think there were 20 or 30 people there over the course of the evening. Lots of good people, lots of good discussion.

It was me that ordered the snacks -- I was just too busy talking German: it turns out that Ean Jackson, Djun Kim, and (of course, look at his name!) Rudi Six all speak it. So, expect some sort of German event in the near future.

I actually took some pictures, but wasn't paying attention and/or had the spirit of Roland (another German speaker) in me, so they're a bit blurry. Check them on Flickr.