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Absentee (Web) Landlord

  • Created: August 19, 2004
  • BMC

So, another change, and back to more posting. The website is somewhere stable and fast (finally!). It’s been upgraded to the newest version of Drupal, which basically means a bunch of stuff is broken, but there are some good new features coming.

Excuses? Yep, I got plenty of ’em. Work has been keeping me very busy the past two weeks (here, here and here) and before that I got married.

And finally, the technical excuse. The el-cheapo dedicated server box in a Texas datacenter that I invested in simply didn’t have enough juice to keep up.

Use the BMC feedback forum if you want to point out any broken-ness. This whole site will go through (yet another) revamp. I need to re-integrate my personal life.